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Rock The Hem Line

Congratulations, Canada! 14 gold medals! The most won by any country during a single winter Olympic games. That's news! And as a resident of the host city, let me tell you: I've never been prouder to be Canadian. There's been a lot of talk about the cost and at what cost, but if you had seen the streets last night after the men won gold in hockey, if you felt what Vancouver felt during the Closing Ceremony, you'll know it was worth it. This was a celebration of our country and our culture… and it's about fucking time, eh!

**I've been advised by the organizers of WinterPRIDE (which starts today and goes until March 8) to warn anyone thinking of coming up to Whistler for what will surely be one of the most historic Pride celebrations in North America, to get your tickets to events now. They are selling out fast. Don't be left in the proverbial cold**

Now on to post-Olympic things: there's a fashion event coming to Vancouver on March 11th called Rock the Hem Line. It's been billed as Fashion Rocks (a Toronto event) for Vancouver and proceeds go towards the Play 4 Phil Foundation

Why am I letting you know? Well, I'm hosting of course, so come out and support my ass — or else. More importantly, it's also profiling some great local designers, including Red Jade, McKillop Underwear, CC 1827 Fashion House & Malene Grotrain.

They are also looking for models. Click here for more info.


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