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Ste-Emilie Skillshare
is looking for submissions for its newest edition of the The Rogue Unicorns Zine! Deadline is Sept 15 (6 days away pervs!) and can be about anything from  interviews, DIY tips, angsty poetry,
essays, callouts, report backs, rants, drawings, paintings, or other.

We love them. So you should contribute. They are a very welcoming, non-judgmental, artsy bunch! See their callout below…


Dear membership,

There are a few rumours that have been circulating
about The Rogue Unicorns Zine (of the Ste. Emilie Skillshare).  We feel
it necessary to address these rumours directly with our current and
potential readership.  We know that some of you have been confused,
upset, stunned, shocked – panicked even – by some of the things that you
have heard, so we would like to be clear about the future of The Rogue
Unicorns Zine, our past, our present and our future.  

1. ROGUE UNICORNS is Ste-Émilie’s new zine about anything and
everything having to do with our mandate of anti-oppression/
anti-racism/ queer liberation/ self-respresentation/ self-expression/
DIY/ we are all artists/ revolution – THIS IS TRUE.
2. We did have an exclusive full front AND BACK nude photo of Michelle
Obama planned for the coverpage of the first issue, however do to legal
complications, the image will be delegated to the content section of the


3.  Due to community outrage, we have postponed the feature on
animal-food sexuality.  Rest assured, the first issue will be
animal-food-sexuality-free.  No guarantees for issue number 2 though.
4. There have been rumours that the first issue will contain a feature
about large breasts, produced by the elite, exclusive and elusive “Big
Tits Club”.  We cannot confirm or deny this rumour at this moment.
5.  We are looking for interviews, DIY tips, angsty poetry,
essays, callouts, report backs, rants, drawings, paintings, all kinds of
arts – EVERYTHING having to do with point #1 above.

6. There have been rumours that you have missed the deadline to submit
anything.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  The zine is going to come out
semi-regularly, so we are taking submissions AT ALL TIMES, FOREVER AND
EVER.  This doesn’t mean that you should slack off and never give us
anything.  That’s why the deadline for submissions for the first issue

Now that all these things have been cleared up, we hope that we can
all sleep peacefully.  Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if
you have any questions.  If you hear any other rumours, please let us
know so that we can address them!

with bursting hearts of joy and laughter,
The Rogue Unicorns Zine Dream Team Lean Green Mean Machine

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