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Roseanne Barr and Miley Cyrus say it best

It was so vile watching the Casey Anthony trial exploited in the media day in and out. The freakshow was literally on constant rotation on CNN. I thought that if I heard Nancy Grace try to make “tot mom” happen one more time, I might also research how to make chloroform — and use it on myself. 

I do not believe in the death penalty. It’s barbaric. To kill another human being, even one who has committed a crime as heinous as murdering their own child, makes you no better than them. It did, however, seem obvious to me, along with the rest of the world (excluding the jury), that Casey Anthony should spend the rest of her deplorable life behind bars. Justice wasn’t served, and everyone, including Hollywood, is in a fury. I think Roseanne Barr and Miley Cyrus said it best with their tweets:

@TheRealRoseanne: “kids only matter in this country when they’re fetuses."

@MileyCyrus: “You know the world is skewed when people get away with murdering children but we can’t get gay marriage legalized in California.” 

Still no justice for Caylee, or for the gays. Sigh. I’m off to eat some tater tots…

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