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Roseanne Barr’s presidential platform: gay marriage and marijuana

Comedian/activist Roseanne Barr spoke to an assembly of about 75 Green Party supporters at Mayflower Club in North Hollywood on Friday, March 23. She insisted that her bid for the presidential nomination is no joke and said that her focus is on legalizing same-sex marriage, legalizing marijuana and forgiving student debt.

"I will not let the idiots go unanswered," she promised. Referring to her hit show Roseanne she said, "I created jobs by the hundreds, and I made some people there millionaires. I am the American dream, and I know the average American's problems and issues." She called the Republican candidates "Ponzi-scheming sociopaths" and urged that "it is time to point upward and hold their feet to the fire. An informed public is the enemy of tyranny and corruption. The days of holding our nose and voting for the lesser of two evils hasn't gotten us anywhere. What we have been sold is an unsustainable treadmill."

Her speech featured a few expletives, and she joked, "I do swear, and as long as I swear you know I haven't been bought by any corporation!" She added that her biggest asset is that she's not a politician: "One impeccable credential I have," she said, "is that I am not George W Bush."