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Ru-dunnit solved? Sharon Needles’ missing crown surfaces on another queen

Sharon Needles was in Atlanta in November 2012 to judge the Miss Originality competition at Jungle nightclub. Shortly after the competition wrapped, the custom-made crown Sharon wore while judging went missing.

The mystery “Ru-dunnit” became the basis of a campaign for Absolut, with Sharon Needles, Michelle Visage and a Facebook page asking anyone with any information to help Detective Visage find the culprit. 

But who needs a detective when you have a camera-whore drag queen? Violet Chachki, an up-and-coming performer on Atlanta’s scene, posted a photo of herself wearing nothing but fishnets and a crown that looks suspiciously similar to the one Sharon lost. It also just so happens that Chachki was a contestant at the Miss Originality competition in Atlanta . . .

Chachki isn’t confirming or denying that the crown she’s wearing is Sharon’s, telling Project Q, “Unfortunately I am not in a position to share any information with you guys at this time, but keep an eye out.”   

Sharon Needles wearing the now-missing crown.

Miss Unoriginality? The photo posted to Chachki’s Facebook page.
In case you missed it, check out the interview I did with Sharon when she was in town judging Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar competition: