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Rubbout 17: a celebration of fetish style

Weekend full of social events and play parties

Whether you’re curious about the world of rubber or already part of the scene and hoping to get into something new, Mitch Kenyon wants everyone to come to the Davie Village Apr 11-13 to check out Rubbout 17.

It’s a weekend full of rubber events, featuring demonstrations, social events and play parties, Kenyon says.

And it’s not all about rubber, he notes. It’s a celebration of fetish style more generally.

“You can bring your leather or other fetish gear or just take off your shirt to get in the door,” he says. “It’s just a chance to see what it’s like and have some fun.”

This is Rubbout’s 17th year and Kenyon’s sixth year organizing it, after taking over from founder Bill “Northwind” Houghton.

Houghton started Rubbout in 1992 as a low-key annual rubber event for Vancouverites. The last Rubbout he organized was in 2003.

“When he was doing it, it was a house party,” Kenyon says. “Now, it’s something much more.”

In 2004, the Rubbout social moved from being a house party to a warehouse party. Today, it’s billed as North America’s longest-running gay rubber event.

This year’s registration begins Apr 11 at 5 pm at the PumpJack Pub, followed by a meat and greet at Numbers with Vancouver Men in Leather at 9 pm. A shuttle will then be available to take people to a play party at Friction.

Kenyon is excited about the cube event at the PumpJack beer bust on Apr 12 at 2 pm. “It’s kind of a vac-rack but it’s a box,” he explains. “It’s about a metre square. You put the person inside with their head sticking out and suck all the air out. And then you tickle them or whatever you like,” he laughs.

And, he adds, for a little star power, people can meet Mr International Rubber, Montreal’s Brian Turgeon, who’ll be around all weekend.

Kenyon says the support he’s received from the gay business community has been phenomenal.

“They’re all eager to help out. I haven’t had anybody say ‘no’ to anything I’ve asked for.”

Kenyon says most attendees are from Vancouver but he’s also expecting people from Washington and Oregon, as well as Toronto and Montreal. One person is coming from Germany, he adds.

Tickets for the entire weekend are available at Little Sister’s and Priape. Tickets for individual events will also be available at the door.