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Rufus Wainwright on why he doesn’t want gay fans or a son

In a new interview with the UK Times, Rufus Wainwright isn’t quite as articulate and smart as he was when I interviewed him back in 2012.

When asked about parenthood, Wainwright said that he’s glad he’s the father of a daughter and not a son because he would “hate to be attracted” to a boy.

“I don’t think it would happen,” he said. “[It’s just that] when I’m old and he is 35 and gorgeous . . . Well he would probably look like me. And I would be like, ‘Oh my God! I’m falling in love with myself!’"
Wainwright wasn’t just humble during the interview; he also had some super generous words for the gay community!
The singer said that he doesn’t have a big LGBT following because gay men have “terrible taste in music” and that he thinks he would have been more succesful in the United States had he not come out.
“If I had been somewhat more strategic and less honest and gone with an asexual or bisexual persona, I think I would have been given a lot more opportunity and attention,” he mused. “But that being said I feel that my public, who have been with me a while now, have been grateful and appreciative of my honesty and are loyal.”