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Rugby team demonstrates how to check your testes for cancer

Self-checking is one of the most important things a person can do to maintain good health, although if (like me) you happen to be a raging hypochondriac, this can be something of a nightmare. If that’s the case, allow this to ease some of the worry.

In a video for Maverick TV, The Wolverines, an Aussie-rules football team from the UK, drop trou and show you how to self-check for testicular cancer. It also teaches you what’s normal and what might be cause for concern, as well as what you can do if, God forbid, you find anything.

Aside from it being a nifty little reason to post a video of hunky athletes manhandling their junk, it’s also a great video for those of you who either aren’t sure what you’re looking for or are simply terrified of what you might happen upon down there. So next time you’re making sure everything down below is as it should be, just remember: as long as you stay on top of things, you should be fine.