Toronto Diary
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RuPaul and John Waters talk counter-culture and queerness

If you’ve never caught an episode of RuPaul Drives, allow me to sum it up for you: Ru picks up friends and acquaintances who are famous, infamous or at least notable, drives them around Los Angeles and plays psychiatrist to them.

In the latest episode, Ru was joined by filmmaker/wonderful crazy person John Waters. The two ended up having a fascinating conversation on how counter-culture has evolved since the heady days of camp from the late 1980s, early ’90s. Apparently, it’s all about the hackers now. Apparently, if Divine were alive today, she’d be a member of Anonymous.

The entire thing caps off with John Waters imparting a brief word of wisdom to any young queer kids looking to get out there: “Don’t ask me. I’m queer, but I’m mentally ill. I don’t know what you should do.”