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RuPaul is getting her own comic

By now, RuPaul has become a fixture on this blog because the bitch is flawless and her show is more addictive than crack-flavoured Ben & Jerry’s. (Is that a thing yet? No? Okay then.) So when I heard RuPaul was getting her own comic from BlueWater Comics, this was my reaction:


RuPaul is getting her own installment in BlueWater’s Female Force series, which documents strong women in pop culture. Or in this particular instance, strong drag queens.

"RuPaul is bigger-than-life and can hardly be contained in the pages of a traditional comic,” said Bluewater president Darren G Davis. “That’s why we expanded this issue to 40 pages."

According to Davis, the decision to feature a male figure in the female-centric comic book stems from RuPaul’s refusal to be addressed as either. “He is comfortable in his own skin and is happy to let anyone within earshot know that. The fact he chooses his public persona to be female emphasizes that he stays true to his own concept of self. And that solidifies RuPaul as a female force.”

And for those of you who say that RuPaul doesn’t deserve a Female Force comic because she’s a drag queen, they made one for Stephenie Meyer. As in, the lady who wrote those crappy Twilight books. Your argument is invalid.

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