Toronto Diary
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RuPaul is . . . She-3PO

So yesterday I had this email conversation with my mother . . . 

Mom: Don’t forget to let me know what you want for Christmas! I have to start soon you know!
Me: I only want two things for Christmas this year: The first is RuPaul’s autobiography. The second is for you to not make fun of me for wanting RuPaul’s biography because I know you’re stockpiling jokes as you’re reading this.
Mom: I can only get you one of those things, so enjoy your book, homo!
Me: In. A. Home. I will put you IN A HOME.
Mom: Love you too, queer!

And that’s why I am the way I am. The point is, if you’re like my mother and have never watched RuPaul’s Drag Race (it’s on OutTV and everything, so at this point, there really is no excuse for not having seen it), then you cannot understand the bewitching allure of the goddess that is RuPaul. But there’s hope for you yet! Season 4 of Drag Race is coming soon, and the teaser is kind of the greatest thing ever. Honestly, I think the production value of the teaser alone is worth more than the past three seasons combined, so I have high hopes for this season, and for turning my mom to the dark side.

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