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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4’ power rankings leave Valentina in the cold

From left to right: Valentina, Manila Luzon, Monét X Change, Monique Heart, Naomi Smalls, Latrice Royal, Trinity The Tuck Credit: Courtesy VH1; Francesca Roh/Xtra

Welcome to Drag Race Power Rankings! Every Saturday, we’ll debrief the previous night’s new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 to determine which queens are riding high, and which need she-mergency care. This week, we say goodbye to the Latinx goddess Valentina, and see a frontrunner battle her way back to the top.

7. Valentina (last week: 5) — ELIMINATED

Valentina Credit: Courtesy VH1

Goodbye, it was her, Valentina. Sad to see the beauty of Season 9 out the door after she’s entertained us so much this season. But her staying over more worthy competitors would only have damaged her now-repaired reputation. She got what she needed out of All Stars 4.

6. Naomi Smalls (last week: 3)

Credit: Courtesy VH1

Yikes, back down into the bottom again for Naomi. “Adrenaline” was a major moment for her, one I thought might propel her into the top two this week. Unfortunately, she got stuck with the worst partner and dragged down into the bottom two as a result. She needs to win next week, else she’s likely going home.

5. Monique Heart (last week: 6)

I’ve given Monique a lot of guff in previous recaps and rankings for attitude problems on the runway. To her immense credit, she’s really learned to shut up and take the critiques, even when she visibly doesn’t agree with or respect them. I think she needs another win to have a viable shot at the crown, but I do think she’s got as good a shot as any at the final four.

Credit: Courtesy VH1

4. Monét X Change (last week: 4)

Credit: Courtesy VH1

Monét really does well this week, earning praise on both her and Monique’s The Black Hole club concept and her runway presentation. This puts her a skosh above Monique for me. I think she’s being edited like a winner, while Monique is being edited like a third- or fourth-place finisher. That said, Monét has two major obstacles to overcome, maybe even a third . . .

3. Latrice Royale (last week: 7)

Credit: Courtesy VH1

Speak of the devil! Latrice really strengthens her position this week, serving a runway unlike anything she’s done before on Drag Race. She also earns a lip-sync win, which is no small bones considering everyone has, at most, one-and-a-half (Manila) lip sync wins this season. If Drag Race wants to really prove a returning queen can make it far, they’d do worse than keeping the living legend Latrice around until the finale.

2. Manila Luzon (last week: 1)

Credit: Courtesy VH1

She only has two episodes left to get through without getting chopped, but I’m still on Manila Elimination Watch. But trust and believe: if she makes it to the end, Manila Luzon is winning RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4.

1. Trinity the Tuck (last week: 2)

Credit: Courtesy VH1

I do have Trinity above Manila this week, because I think her third challenge win firmly places her there. That said, in order to be a viable winner, her edit needs to turn more sympathetic. Giving Manila one of her prizes this week was a good start. If that trend continues, and Manila doesn’t make it to the finale, we may be looking at a Tuck in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.