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RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars: The cast list revealed! (for real this time!)

I was totally hoping to talk about this tomorrow, but since it leaked today, I’m gonna jump the gun like a motha here: the cast list for RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars has leaked! Normally, that would be kinda sucky, but it’s only by a few hours, so I feel slightly less awful for revealing the whole thing here. If you want to be good and wait it out, just close your browser and wait until tomorrow. But if not, spoiler alerts be damned, let’s see who’s in and who got the metaphorical shaft!

Pandora Boxx
– Oh, we all knew she was going to be in it, so I’m not about to give myself a pat on the back for figuring this one out. I’m assuming she’ll make it further this time around, since she’s by far the fan favourite, and it would be cruel to blue-ball the viewers by getting rid of their imaginary BFF early on.

Latrice Royale
– Also another gimme. The fact that she didn’t make it to the final four while Phi Phi O’Hara did is still one of the biggest goddamn travesties in reality TV (an even bigger travesty than A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, I say!), so seeing her back for a second shot makes all kinds of sense.

Alexis Mateo
– Sure, it’s been over a year since she barely slipped into the top three with Raja and Manila Luzon, but it’s nice to see she hasn’t lost her Floridian show-girl look. Unfortunately, that might work against her, since her runway looks were the same dress in different colours, but at least she can lip-sync.

– Oh, thank god for Raven. We need someone on the show to be a bitchy shit-stirrer, and Raven is really the only queen who’s ever managed to be the biggest bitch on her respective season while still being smart and talented enough to get away with it.

– She’s probably tied with Chad Michaels as one of the most talented and historied queens to ever grace RuPaul’s Drag Race, so I’m glad she’s back. I’m also glad I can look forward to another season of her unfairly never winning anything and being super bitter about it.

Yara Sofia
– I can never understand a single word that comes out of her mouth, but holy crap, am I happy to have Yara back. As long as she doesn’t end up having another breakdown on the mainstage, I can see her going far.

– Ermahgerd. Jujubee. I desperately want to sit down and have lunch with her one of these days because you just know she would be the kind of girl who would be super fun at a cocktail party or a get-together or something.

Mimi Imfurst
– I KNOW. I KNOW. MIMI IMFURST. I KNOW. Despite being on the show for barely enough time to cement herself as “The Crazy One,” she’s back. Will she throw another queen over her shoulder and haul her ass along the stage? No idea. But this is going to get supremely messy, and it’s going to be amazing.

Tammie Brown
– I guessed Morgan McMichaels here, so I was delightfully surprised when it turned out to be Tammie. I know, yay! (And also, sidenote: Tammie’s been hitting the gym. Those are some fucking GUNS.) Out of all the queens, she had the shortest tenure on the show, only lasting two episodes, but fans still love her, so Tammie’s here to stay.

Nina Flowers
– Oh god, Nina! I love Nina! Fun fact: she’s the only queen who never placed bottom two that still didn’t win the competition. I know, total rip-off. Bebe, you total bitch. Anyway, she’s back, and part of me feels like she’s one of the frontrunners here.

Chad Michaels
– I guessed Phi Phi O’Hara for this one, and I feel SO bad for that. I’m terrible, I really am. But I have never been more happy to be wrong, because Chad is back! CHAD IS BACK! WHEEEEEE! I actually think out of everyone here, she stands the best chance of winning, so keep your eye on her.

Manila Luzon
– This one was a total guess, yet somehow I was right. Manila Luzon is making her return, and considering she gave one of the strongest lip-syncs the show has ever seen, she might be able to hang in there for a while. 

Sooooooo . . . gun to my head, if I had to guess the top three? Chad Michaels, Nina Flowers and probably Pandora Boxx? Who do you think is going to make it to the top three? And who will be crowned the winner? 

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