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RuPaul’s Drag Race releases super-teaser for Season 6

Oh god, I don’t even have it in me to ruin the set-up for this with my words or over-thinking. So watch this trailer for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, then meet me below so we can nitpick this thing to pieces.

All right, so . . . Let’s start with the safe bets here. Courtney Act is by far the front runner, given that she’s been given the most screen-time of everyone. The fact that she’s also the most recognizable name doesn’t hurt. Adore Delano also got herself some screen-time, and since she was on American Idol for a bit, they’re not going to let her go too soon. The final sure thing would probably be Bianca Del Rio. Not only is she an insanely good costume designer, but she’s also a total bitch, and RuPaul just loves that sorta thing. Finally, we got Ben De La Creme, who has enough looks and enough screen time to suggest she’ll be sticking around for the long haul.

Now for the maybe pile! Up first is Milk, who clearly has a trick or two up her sleeve — She’s a figure skater! She works for Marc Jacobs! — but she can still go either way. Likewise, Vivacious is club-kid royalty and clearly knows her way around big, fabricated costumes, but might be a bit iffy. And while Laganja Estranja has a fair bit of screen-time, she’s a bit . . . forced. I know, a drag queen trying too hard. Who’d have thunk it?

And now for the ones you probably shouldn’t be holding your breath over. First up is Kelly Mantle. For the record, I adore her. I think she’s great. But she has exactly half a second of screen-time, and that doesn’t bode well for her. Joslyn Fox doesn’t show up too often, either, so chances are she’s not going to do huge things. And finally, Magnolia Crawford pops up exactly once, and it’s so that we can make fun of her terrible nose contour.

Now, there is one other thing to discuss, and it’s kinda spoilery, so if you want to save yourself some potential plot points, skip this part. Cool beans? Cool beans. Anyway, someone once told me to always look for the things they don’t show, and something clearly seems to be up. After six seasons, I guess they’re looking to shake up the formula a bit, and people are speculating that there may be another teams thing. Unlike All-Stars, it might be a matter of the queens splitting into two teams and competing like that. That might not be the case, but something is clearly up, based on the way they edited this thing.

All right, end of spoilers.

Anyway, the new season starts Feb 24 on OUTtv, and if you need something more to hold you over until then, check out Chad Sell’s portaits of the queens on his personal site.