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Rupert Everett ‘can’t think of anything worse’ than gay parents

Rupert Everett's self-loathing is what ended his success in Hollywood. He likes to think that it was his homosexuality, but being gay wasn't his downfall. It was thinking there's something wrong with being gay that was his downfall. He has spoken out in the past about how coming out as a gay actor can ruin your career, but I just don't think boy knows how to capitalize on all the fabulosity God gifted him with. Now he's talking to The Sunday Telegraph and seems more confused and uncomfortable with himself, and homosexuality, than ever. 

"[My mother] still wishes I had a wife and kids. She  thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her. I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads. Some people might not agree with that. Fine! That’s just my opinion. I’m not speaking on behalf of the gay community. In fact, I don’t feel like I’m part of any ‘community.’ The only community I belong to is humanity and we’ve got too many children on the planet, so it’s good not to have more.”

Rupert doesn't feel he's a part of the gay community. Well, then maybe he shouldn't judge the parenting abilities of people that he obviously knows nothing about and has no involvement with. He can't think of anything worse than gay dads? Really? So, not only is he repressed, he's delusional. 

No surprise, considering this is a quote from his mother from the same interview:

“I’d like him to have children. He’s so good with children. He’d make a wonderful father. But I also think a child needs a mummy and a daddy. I’ve told him that and he takes it very well. He doesn’t get angry with me. He just smiles.” 

Get help, Rupert. Sounds like you need it.

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