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Russell Peters is coming to Ottawa

Who doesn't need a good laugh? I don't know about you, but I find it hard to laugh at stand-up comedians. I've seen a few shows and I've always laughed — mainly because I didn't want anyone to feel bad. It's true I haven't seen that many, and it's also true that I can't relate to many of the jokes. I don't watch television; I'm not into pop culture. I like books, history and arts.

Maybe that's making someone laugh (with me, right?), or maybe you can relate to my point of view?

And then there's the man: Russell Peters. He always makes me laugh. I love his "Beating Your Kids" video because it's so very layered. I love his Indian accent gig. He completely embraces his heritage and difference and through laughter, he is able to bridge gaps. One day I want to see a member of the LGBTQ community do it as well as he does; there are a few comedians that pop to mind, like Ellen DeGeneres or Shawn Hollenbach, but none make me laugh like Russell. 

He'll be at Scotiabank Place on Sept 21 — get your tickets now, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure he'll sell out fast.

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