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Russia still trying to prosecute Lady Gaga and Madonna

Milanov resorts to visa charges after charges under anti-gay law fail

Lady Gaga tweets about Russia, after officials looked for a way to prosecute her for supporting queer Russians. Credit: Twitter

Russian anti-gay politician Vitaly Milonov is trying to prosecute pop stars Lady Gaga and Madonna on immigration charges, after he failed to prosecute them on charges of “promoting sodomy,” The Guardian reports.

Milonov is a sponsor of Russian laws that effectively criminalize homosexuality in public.

After Lady Gaga and Madonna voiced their support for gay rights during Russian concert tours, Milonov — a member of Saint Petersburg’s municipal legislature — tried to sue them.

In the case against Madonna, he argued that the singer’s efforts would reduce the birthrate and therefore prevent Russia from maintaining an army. A Saint Petersburg court rejected his lawsuit.

Now, Russia’s prosecutor general, on urging from Milonov, will consider charging the singers because they visited Russia under “cultural exchange” visas instead of commercial visas.

“Why didn’t you arrest me when you had the chance, Russia?” Lady Gaga tweeted on Monday. “Because you didn’t want to answer to the world?”