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Russia: Teenager investigated for being openly gay

Ninth-grader said to have spread information that could lead to 'distorted ideas' about sexuality

A Russian teenager has been investigated for declaring her "nontraditional sexual orientation." Credit:

A Russian teenager has been investigated for openly declaring her sexual orientation, Radio Free Europe reports.

The ninth-grader from Bryansk announced her “nontraditional sexual orientation” in November and, according to a police report published in Russian media, has been found guilty of "systematically disseminating information directed to the formation of distorted ideas about social equality among traditional and nontraditional sexual relations." According to the report, the violation will stay on her criminal record.

According to the Russian Legal Information Agency, the Bryansk Regional Prosecutor's Office is investigating whether the girl should have been charged. A spokesperson for the office says that the girl should not be criminally punished for spreading propaganda to minors since she is herself a minor. The Prosecutor's Office says the girl should be handled by the local Commission on Juvenile Rights and Affairs.