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Russian cannibal stalked gay men

Police in Murmansk, Russia, have arrested a 21-year-old man who has confessed to luring a gay man to his apartment, killing him and eating part of his body.

Investigators say that the accused found his victim on a gay cruising website and that he targeted gay men because he assumed they wouldn’t tell anyone where they were going, making it more likely that he would get away with his crimes.  

Fortunately in this case, the victim’s mother did contact the police. Reports from RIA and The Daily Mail conflict on whether or not she told the police that the victim cruised on gay websites, or if the police found that out on their own. Either way, this case should be a reminder to always practise safe online cruising.

The accused reportedly wanted to eat a dozen or so more men. Only one victim is known so far.

According to reports, the accused turned some of his victim’s flesh into sausages and meatballs.

If this story sounds familiar, it could be because Russia’s been the source of a few high-profile cannibalism cases in the past few years.

Or it could be that the killer’s “lure gay men because they’re easy targets” MO is reminiscent of the string of gay men who disappeared from Toronto in the 1960s.

Or perhaps you’re thinking, “Gee, there’ve been a lot of gay cannibal stories, haven’t there?” Perhaps you’re remembering the horrific 1980-’90s Dahmer murders, the bizarre case of the German cannibal who "auditioned” his victims in 2001, the 2004 Mexican gay lovers’ spat that became several days worth of spicy stews, or the former Mr Gay UK, who in 2008 was found guilty of murdering, butchering and partially eating his lover.

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