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Russian dildos, gay warfare and PrEP’s first failure

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Gay man on PrEP contracts HIV

In the first confirmed case since the drug’s inception, a man on a daily dose of the PrEP drug Truvada has contracted HIV. The man had condomless sex for two years on PrEP before contracting the virus, which was likely resistant to multiple drugs. Truvada has been shown to be over 99 percent effective in medical trials.

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Canadian navy’s first gay reunion kiss

For the first time, the tradition of the first sailor off a returning naval vessel sharing a kiss with his partner was held between two men. Master Seaman Francis Legare, walked off his ship and kissed his boyfriend in Victoria on Tuesday after eight months at sea.

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Russia proposes clinics to treat gay people

The Russian Ministry of Health has proposed new regulations that would create clinics to treat people with “gender identity disorders” and “disorders of sexual preference.” The clinics could be used to apply court-ordered forced treatment. Bizarrely, the regulations insist that exam rooms be equipped with “at least one dildo.”

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Indonesia threatens war on gay people, closes school

In the midst of a nationwide crackdown on LGBT rights, Indonesia’s defence minister has threatened “warfare” against gay people, and officials have closed down a Muslim school for transgender girls in the face of Islamic opposition. In the past month, the country has shut down university programs and health services for LGBT people, and threatened to reject UN aid that supports them.

Puerto Rico appoints lesbian chief justice

Puerto Rican judge Maite Oronoz Rodríguez will become the United States’ first openly LGBT chief justice after she was appointed by the territory’s senate. LGBT rights have been controversial in Puerto Rico due to a large Roman Catholic population.

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