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Russian soccer players in gay relationship?

Russian soccer players Alexander Kokorin, 21, and Pavel Mamaev, 24, shared photos from their Miami vacation online, and now some are wondering if the teammates are also lovers. They do seem close in the photos, but maybe they’re just more evolved than their repressed country and aren’t afraid to show love and affection, even for the same sex. I have no idea if it’s romantic, but here’s to hoping:

Bath-time bubbles! You can see the tip of Mamaev’s head, which, coincidently, is what Kokorin is also feeling.

"Dude, take a picture of my bulge in these sweat shorts. I’ll get it from this angle!"

Kokorin’s hand gestures are telling me that the finger goes in the hole.

Kokorin can sure take a lot in his mouth. . . But watch those teeth!

Kisses from Miami!

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