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Ryan Cran moved

The only adult convicted in the 2001 killing of Aaron Webster has been transferred to the fenceless, low-security, Ferndale Institution in Mission, Webster’s family says.

But Corrections Canada officials, citing privacy regulations, won’t confirm where Ryan Cran, 24, is being held. Spokesperson Dennis Finlay did say offenders incarcerated at Ferndale are deemed a low risk to escape and that victims’ families can be informed where inmates are held and when they are moved.

Offenders are often moved to low-security prisons as they are prepared for release. Xtra West has learned Cran became eligible for unescorted, temporary absences from prison as of Feb 8 and will be eligible for day parole by Aug 8, but that he has not applied for either.

Cran will be eligible for full parole on Feb 8, 2007 and will remain on probation until Feb 7, 2011. His appeal of his 2005 manslaughter conviction in Webster’s killing is still pending.

Of the three other people charged in Webster’s beating death, two youths pleaded guilty and are serving the final thirds of their three-year sentences under strict conditions in their communities. Danny Rao, 24, was acquitted.