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Sad Mag celebrates queer history

Sad Mag is a quarterly magazine that publishes up-and-coming Vancouver writers, primarily between the ages of 15 and 30. On Nov 3 they are releasing their Queer History Issue, a celebration of Vancouver’s queer culture over the past 60 years. 

From the start of drag queens, the first Pride parade and the creation of Davie Village, the issue covers it all. “When we think about the gay rights movement, we usually think New York City — we think Stonewall riots,” says Sad Mag’s creative director, Brandon Gaukel. “But Vancouver built a strong gay and lesbian culture long before 1969, and in collaboration with progressive cities like Portland and San Francisco, was influential in the queer movement across North America."

Sad Mag honours the evocative voices of young queer artists while paying respect to past generations who paved the way for us to express our creativity and be ourselves.

The Queer History Issue will be available Nov 3 at The Cobalt during the Sad Mag Queer Culture Awards and Show. There will be live entertainment, including comedians Morgan Brayton and Dan Dumsha, a drag performance by Isolde N Barron and dance by House of La Douche.

When: Thursday, Nov 3

Where: The Cobalt, 917 Main St

Time: 8pm-1am

Tickets: $6 advance (Red Cat Records, Little Sister’s, Book Emporium) or $8 at the door. Includes a complimentary copy of Sad Mag

PS – I have FOUR tickets for the award show to give away, so check back after Halloween to see how you can get your paws on that shitz.