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Sad Magazine LIVE this Saturday

It’s that time of year. If it’s not one anniversary, it’s another. Cheese and crackers. Have you seen Sad Magazine around town yet? 

Yeah. That’s the cover of the new issue… which happens to launch the same night as their first anniversary party this Saturday.

Why you should care:

  • Although it’s not as gay as Xtra, it’s still pretty gay
  • They celebrate diverse and local Vancouver artists
  • The next issue has a feature on Douglas Coupland
  • Did I mention that my contribution to said feature is titled “How Douglas Coupland Almost Got Me Fired"?
  • Cheap tickets for the Saturday night include a free copy of the new issue
  • It is an inclusive magazine and features everyone — including queer artists and writers.

I’m definitely checking this out on Saturday. And so should you. More info on the event by click-clickity-clicking here.