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Salad, Pride, and the Realest L Word

dayum! It's sunny, it's cloudy, it's BANANAS hurr. So in keeping with the theme of chaos, here are some things i've been thinking about lately.

Primavera Quinoa Salad. It's fucking delicious! Also, lesbians sure love a one-pot meal.

Capital Pride. Dudes, Ottawa is partying it up for Pride. There are magic tricks, auction/dating, movie nights, the rare beast that is the DYKE MARCH, and best of all—the parties end at 9:30! Time enough to get yr full 10.5 hours of sleep for your govrnmnt day job!

The Real L Word. Earn yr red wings! No, don't though. But seriously, this is a reality show and those who read me know how much i love a good gay reality programme. 

Mae Moore. She's old school 90s pop! And she's back. I wrote her and she wrote me back. I think I am her favrit just sayin.
Dan Savage. You've heard of the podcast, and you probably love it/hate it. You may disagree with his views on the gay gymbody, monogamy, homos, etc. But You can't argue that the man makes for a good listen. He recently went on a live taping of This American Life and told, LIKE THE MOST TOUCHING STORY about his mom's passing. You gotta listen, and the rest of the podcast is good too.



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