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Saliva, marriage loopholes and Mormon divorce

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A supporter of same-sex marriage holds a flag during a protest outside the Legislative Yuan of Republic of China on Nov 17, 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. Credit: Billy HC Kwok/Getty Images

Tunisian police break up protests

Plainclothes police broke up a protest of LGBT activists against discriminatory laws in Tunisia on Saturday. Authorities said they banned the protest to protect protesters from being targeted. [The Citizen]

Stanford scientists develop HIV saliva test

Scientists at Stanford say they have developed a protocol that would allow them to test for HIV using only saliva. [Newsweek]

Russian couple charged after finding marriage loophole

A Russian gay couple who found a way to have their overseas marriage recognized by Russian officials have now been charged for “deliberate damage to documents.” [Independent]

Gay Mormon in straight marriage divorces, apologizes

Josh Weed, a gay Mormon man whose story of being platonically married to a straight woman was used an an exemplar of how gay men could deny their sexuality to fit into the Mormon church, is separating from his wife and apologizing to the LGBT community for saying his marriage worked. [KUTV]

Taiwanese activists kickstart marriage fight

In 2017, Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled that same-sex marriage must be legalized, but progress has stalled. Now a coalition, formed by gay rights and women’s rights groups, is pushing a campaign to kickstart the process. [Taiwan News]