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Salvation Army denies discrimination, ties to anti-gay groups

One of the most enduring images of the holiday season in North America is the Salvation Army Santas that line our streets and malls, their bells ringing for pocket change and small bills. There's just one teensy little problem: turns out, the Salvation Army has been tied to some pretty alarming anti-gay rhetoric, to the point where they actually shut down programs for the elderly and the homeless so they wouldn't have to provide spousal benefits to same-sex couples.

[Image via Pink News]

Not terribly Christian, if we're being frank.

Now, the Salvation Army has started a campaign to distance itself from its previously homophobic policies. According to Lez Get Real, the Salvation Army has launched a campaign to promote its newfound support for the queer community and to cut ties with organizations that support reparative therapy.

While the Salvation Army seems to be taking steps toward being a little less fire-and-brimstone and more give-unto-others, does it mean anything? The organization is laying some groundwork, but right now it's just that: a foundation they can build on, rather than a finished product.

If they're serious about this? Terrific. I'm willing to extend the benefit of the doubt that they're willing to change to better reflect the times, but if you're going to vow to support the LGBT community, don't tell us — show us.