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Sam Smith’s uncharted territory

Sam Smith’s album In The Lonely Hour is about the unrequited love of a straight man, and in a new interview with Digital Spy the English musician opens up over his concerns about sharing that fact with the world, and how the world’s non-reaction is “uncharted territory” for the equality movement.

On coming out before his album dropped: Equality is so far from where it should be, so I was worried. I didn’t give the public enough credit. We were really panicky about it, but then as soon as we did it, I am just so proud of how people haven’t reacted. People really just don’t give a shit. The success in America is still happening even though I’ve talked about it. I feel like it’s a step forward — we’re in uncharted territory at the moment where you say it before an album and it’s all natural and okay. It’s great.

On his sudden fame: I met Kim Kardashian the other week and she knew who I was! I walked in the room and she was like, “I should text Kanye saying you’re here, he showed me your music.” It’s really hard to digest. Also, I don’t think you should digest stuff like that.

On not wanting to be a gay “spokesperson”: It’s because I’m not trying to be a spokesperson. It sounds awful of me, but I’m really just trying to live my life and write music about it. That’s what I do. I’m not trying to heal the world. From a young age I’ve always been like this, so it’s been normal. My family and friends have made it feel normal and I’m not going to stop that now.