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Samantha Ronson’s mom feared for her daughter with ‘psychotic’ Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, Ann Dexter-Jones, Samantha Ronson.

Socialite Ann Dexter-Jones has opened up to the Daily Mail about her daughter Samantha Ronson’s ill-fated union with Lindsay Lohan. In the article, she admits her fears that the relationship would end in tragedy because of Lindsay’s unstable behaviour:

"I was seriously anxious about Samantha’s safety and wellbeing. I feared tragedy,” Ann says. “It got to a point that I wasn’t sleeping very well.”

The endpoint for Samantha’s mother came during a hotel opening party in Dubai in 2008 when Lohan threw herself on the floor, rolling around and screaming because she wasn’t getting enough attention. “Suddenly, without any warning, Lindsay flung herself on to the thick carpet and started to roll around screaming like a child,” Ann reveals. “It seemed she was upset that people, including Samantha, were not paying her enough attention. To my mind, it was classic psychotic behaviour. I took Lindsay aside and told her not to make a spectacle of herself. She was clearly out of control and spoiling for a fight.”

The morning after Lindsay’s eratic behaviour, Ann let the troubled twosome know she could no longer condone their relationship. “When I saw for myself just how volatile Lohan was, I realised that the relationship was not healthy,” Ann says. “The morning after her tantrum – and believe me, that was not the worst of it – I told them both that I could no longer support them as a couple, that I no longer approved of them being together and that Lindsay was no longer welcome in my home.”

As for whether Lindsay’s destruction was fuelled by drugs, Ann is keeping to herself, although she confesses, “I know stuff, but I don’t want to go into it. I just knew that it was not a good place for my child to be, but sometimes a parent’s objection only makes it more exciting.”