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San Francisco’s GLBT History Museum vandalized

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI — Responding to alarms at the San Francisco GLBT History Museum, police and staff arrived to find two smashed windows, but the displays inside were not damaged, The Bay Citizen reports.

Paul Boneberg, executive director of the GLBT Historical Society, says it appears vandals threw bottles at the windows. Some are saying that the incident could be related to the San Francisco Giants' World Series win Oct 28, but Boneberg says he doesn't know who did the damage or why.

"We do know that we’re the only GLBT History Museum in the United States and that we’re a symbol,” Boneberg told The Bay Citizen. “It’s important to us to be open immediately and repair the damage.” Donations are already coming in, he adds. The museum will provide updates on repairs and donations on its Facebook page.

The museum opened in the Castro district in January 2011 and includes archives the society has been collecting for 27 years.

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