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Sanctimonious wisdom, y’all

Tyraisms & the Twiggy Bug-O-Meter

“Nomi Malone is Four Four.” That’s what it says on the top banner of Brooklyn-based, pop-culture dude Rich Juzwiak’s quirky and totally gay blog, Four Four. Juzwiak has a maniac’s devotion to Tyra Banks, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey (whom he loves to compare to Russ Meyer’s breastalicious Kitten Natividad) and The Facts Of Life’s Lisa Welchel (hear her shitty/great new wave song “Good Girl”).

But the best thing about this blog is Juzwiak’s ultra-obsessive cataloguing of the best moments of each America’s Next Top Model episode. Every juicy episode sound bite is here, including Bree’s seductive ANTM Chocolate ad. There’s Tyraism Of The Week (sanctimonious wisdom, y’all) and the Twiggy Bug-O-Meter. His observations are laugh out loud funny. On Janice Dickinson’s 50-something neck, Juzwiak proclaims Dickinson is “rockin’ the turkey.”

If you’re a cat lover, don’t miss his cat photos and home movies. His cats’ names are Winston, Loretta, Rocky and Rudy. Watching Rudy going crazy stupid eating his dehydrated whole chicken treats is pee-your-pants funny.