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Sandilands treated volunteers after Jan 27 meeting

$230 bar tab charged to Pride Toronto credit card

Former PT executive director Tracey Sandilands treated some PT volunteers to $230 in drinks the same night the organization announced a $431,808 loss for 2010. Credit: Matt Mills

The board of directors of Pride Toronto (PT) recently looked into money that was spent by former executive director Tracey Sandilands immediately following PT’s last general meeting (GM).

After PT announced Sandilands’ resignation on Jan 26, she did not attend the GM the following evening at Church Street Public School. The chief topic of discussion at that meeting was PT’s vulnerable financial position: the organization posted a loss of $431,808 for 2010, leaving it $109,401 in debt.

Despite her absence at the Jan 27 GM, Sandilands nevertheless invited a group of PT volunteers and coordinators to join her after the meeting at Pegasus bar on Church St, a block and a half away. PT co-chair Francisco Alvarez says the $230 bar tab was charged to Sandilands’ PT credit card.

Alvarez says Sandilands had often hosted similar get-togethers in the past.

“I agree [the drinks expense seems strange],” Alvarez tells Xtra. “What can I tell you? That’s why we looked into it. It was a custom. It was one of those things we weren’t aware of. But it’s well within her authority… She’s been doing that for a while. Many of the people who were at the general meeting went and joined her there after. So based on precedent, I had to accept that.”

Sandilands returned her keys and charge card to PT on Jan 28, Alvarez says.