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Sandy hasn’t scared Church Street party organizers

'Nothing will get in the way of our Halloween,' says BIA manager

Credit: Rob Salerno (file photo)

Sandy has not scared the Church Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area. Its annual Halloween party is going ahead, hurricane or shine.

“All systems go!” says BIA manager David Wootton. “We’re setting up the equipment for the animation projection, so the rain will affect that. We’re using tents to cover all the projectors.”

The possibility of pulling out has, so far, not been a consideration.

“We close the street at 6:30pm. Nothing will get in the way of our Halloween,” Wootton says.

In the queer community, Halloween is widely considered a high holiday. Wootton says it would have to be a pretty serious storm to keep people away.

Cold weather has never put people off. They still come in cold,” he says. “Heavy rain may put people off.”

Neither are the expected high winds much of a concern for organizers, since all the equipment will be anchored down, he says.

Wootton sees a silver lining if the street is rained out.

“It will be good for the clubs. They will get a lot more people,” he says.

The BIA is installing a stage north of Wellesley Street, near the Fabarnak terrace. Wootton says a three-hour lineup will entertain revellers from the stage, including all the contestants from Spectra (Queer Idol). The show starts at 7pm.

The costume contest will begin at 9:30pm. There are cash prizes for the winners.

“We will continue planning,” he says. “Unless there is a downpour, then we may shut it down. I think people will prepare for some rain.”

Wootton says he can’t remember a single rained-out Church Street Halloween party.

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