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Sara Bareilles serenades lesbian proposal in new video

While the Mileys and Gagas and various other generic pop starlets of the world have been stunt-queening it up in the guise of “art,” Sara Bareilles has been quietly plugging away since her 2007 debut, consistently delivering stunningly beautiful tracks. And she never even had to resort to twerking or making a music video with the Real Housewives! (Seriously, the fuck was up with that?)

If that’s not enough, Bareilles’s latest album is extremely gay-friendly. The first single, “Brave,” was written for a friend who was in the process of coming out, and the video for her latest single features a proposal between two women.

In the video for “I Choose You,” Bareilles helps two couples — one straight, one gay — pop the question to their significant others. As each one of them takes a knee, Bareilles plays an acoustic set behind them while friends and family look on.

For the record, no, I did NOT cry. Obviously, somebody snuck tears into my eyes when I wasn’t looking, those bitches!