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Sarah Mangle

 1.     Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Sarah the Mangle. I am an amateur queer archivist song writer story writer illustrator radio maker. I just released a new album called "We Wanna Know". I'm playing little tours.

2.      What is your favourite video on the innernets?

3.      Boxers or briefs?
Boy's underwear from Chinatown screenprinted with images made at the Robert Street Social Centre in Halifax.

4.      What’s your fav Montreal spot for hangsies?
The traintracks/Turcot yards in St. Henri.

5.      Half-full or half empty?
Spilling all over myself

6.      Skill testing question: 45 + 99 x 88 – an arcade fire =
Um… my friends? People I hold dear? People I don't know very well, but had breakfast with once.

7.      Cat or dog?
One dog: Logan, the love of my life, and Sweep the cat, who found us.

8.      Leopard, zebra print or pleather?
Neon stripes

9.      Are you dating someone right now?
James baldwin, sarah schulman,  michelle tea, linda barry, marge percy…  they're all my girlfriends.

10.     Name your number one dating pet peeve:
Fighting the desire to pay for everything. i get really into paying for everything, but i can't always afford it.

11.     Next time Montrealers can come admire your beauty in a live setting yet at a reasonable distance:
December 1st, at a puppet cabaret, i'm playing a show… details tba.

12.     something else of your choosing:
I need a haircut. i haven't had time to get one.