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Sarah Palin is even dumber than any of us imagined

Seriously, it's not even funny anymore! This weekend, the US Republican Vice-Presidential nominee declared war on Iran, all-but-announced her own bid for president in 2012 already and insisted that the First Amendment right to free speech is in jeopardy because the press is criticizing her. She has gone through the looking glass, people.

Most astonishing of all Palin's slip-ups is this prank phone call from Canadian comedy duo The Masked Avengers pretending to be French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Despite the caller's goofy accent, weird comments and admission that he's calling from Montreal, Palin still didn't realize she was being had. No, I'm wrong and I take it back: it is still funny!

Gay singer/songwriter James Collins has found his inner Tina Fey, cowriting a cute anti-Palin ditty, but the real surprise was watching John McCain join Fey in making fun of his running mate on SNL this weekend. By tomorrow's election, the only person taking her seriously will be Trig!

At least the gays in her home state are done with her: a new poll says that 87 percent of LGBT Alaskans are voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. By this point, I'd ask what the hell the other 13 percent are smoking but oh yeah…Palin's hometown has been called "the meth capital of Alaska."

I laugh at the phrase "the gays" but Rachel Maddow laughs more at "the gay."

One typically classy Ayn Rand reader suggests that conservatives protest an Obama presidency by not tipping waitresses. The thought of these people winning again has a great number of Canadians wishing we could vote in this election too. This poll shows who for and this video shows why (won't someone think of the hogs?):

Journalist Rex Wockner bravely went to the giant Christian anti-gay-marriage rally in San Diego this weekend and, despite being surrounded by 15,000 people praying for homosexuals to be cured, came away from it still gay! That is one unredeemable heathen! 

Meanwhile, in LA, "Borat" star Sasha Baron Cohen infiltrated a right-wing rally and caused his usual trouble.  Very niiice!

One conservative Christian writer suggests it's time the homophobes rethink their marriage stance but I don't see it happening, especially when the deep-pocketed Mormons have come to help:

Fortunately, not everyone in these faith groups hates us: some Mormon moms staged a vigil for gay rights while more and more research is showing that evangelical Christian attitudes towards sex are more complicated than they seem.

A Catholic priest in New York has been suspended for having an affair with a woman he picked up when she was in his confessional booth! The story has shocked the public — the priest had sex with a woman?

And finally, the 22nd annual Fashion Cares benefit for the AIDS Committee of Toronto was held this weekend and it was a terrific return to form, summed up in three words: Dame! Shirley! Bassey!