Toronto Diary
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Satan <3 anal sex

As much as I love the internet, there is one major downside to it: it completely blurs the line between perfect satire and legitimate crazy.

Think about it: how often can you tell anymore whether someone is completely and totally batshit nuts or just another internet troll who puts way too much time and effort into enraging people because hobbies are fun? Exactly. We need more definition when it comes to crazy assholes.

Like this one. This is Joseph Sciambra, and I sincerely hope this is a clever ruse, because if it isn’t, he fails in more ways than I previously thought humanly possible. Sciambra claims that he’s ex-gay (he’s not), that he’s an ex-gay pornstar (he’s not), and that gay sex is how homosexuals give birth to the devil (I — OH MY FUCK. What is — I don’t even — THE FUCK?). Once again, I really hope this is a joke, because if it’s not, then there are people out there who honest to god think gay anal sex leads to devil birth

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