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Save the atheist gay penguins, save the world

Phillip Pullman, author of 'The Golden Compass,' celebrates Banned Books Week with a discussion of religious censorship, especially the children's book, 'And Tango Makes Three,' the true story of a pair of male penguins who raise a baby together. One objector to the book hates the "homosexual story line that has been sugarcoated with cute penguins." Really? I thought it was a penguin story line sugarcoated with cute homosexuality but to each his own…

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who infamously claimed there were no homosexuals in his country even while he was executing them, now admits "there may be a few" gays in Iran but they must be stopped because their homosexuality "shakes the foundations of society," "robs humanity" and "brings about disease." Wow, that's one small but powerful group of homos!  I think we have a picture:

Blogger Andrew Sullivan is angry that the Pope has rejected France's pick for ambassador to the Vatican because the man is gay. But why was he sent in the first place? It's like making an ice-cream vendor the ambassador to a Weight Watchers club.

Another day, another humiliating Sarah Palin interview (she couldn't name just one magazine?) and the new president of Pakistan is now marked for death because he flirted with her. Oops. At least she's got one bit of good news: FOX News got angry over a Heather Malick column mocking Palin so the CBC has now publicly apologized. How…Canadian of them.

I am making a public cry-for-help though: how can I stop obsessively playing both this news clip about the man who punched a shark to rescue his dog (awwwww!) and this mashup of Missy Elliott and Cyndi Lauper?