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Save the Main keeps fighting the good fight

I was actually just at Café Cléo this past Saturday for Tits the Season, and tons of my fags went on Friday too. This video presents the very eloquent Eric Paradis—kink show organizer and Save the Main supporter—speaking about the socio-political, queer and linguistic roots of Cléo. I encourage you all to have drinks there when you can, and to attend their many shows and special events. This is a cultural institution Montreal cannot affort to lose. If Mayor Tremblay and his cohorts have his way, the diversity, plurality and cherished seediness of the Main will be lost to the history books for good. AGAINST. Watch this short doc for some fuel.


I was on the radio yesterday and talked about activism, Montreal, Quebec's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Stonewall, Truxx raid 1977, and Xtra. Click here to listen to the segment I did on CBC Montreal's Daybreak (AKA, best morning show ever). You HAVE to download Realplayer to listen to it… click here (MAC or PC) for the free one.

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