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Say farewell to Frank N Beans

Crystal Balser retires drag king persona

Crystal Balser will retire her rude and raunchy drag-king persona, Frank N Beans, Friday, Aug 30 with a farewell show at the Lookout.

Balser conceived Frank after taking in the Drag Idol competition at Swizzles and noting the serious tone of most of the kings’ performances. She thought the scene needed a humorous alternative.

Frank’s persona is a combination of “Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray and my dad,” the Mod Tattoo Boutique proprietor explains.

Health concerns influenced Balser’s decision to hang up Frank’s suspenders, she says, yet she will continue to support the Capital Kings in other ways than performing as part of the troupe.

The gender bender cites dirty dancing with a blow-up doll, competing with fellow king Randy Marshall in the Capital Pride pageant, and lip-synching “to Richard Cheese with a hotdog” as highlights from her outlandish alter ego’s lifespan.  

Expect “the best of Frank” at Balser’s swan song show.

Watch a clip of Frank in action.

Frank N Beans retirement show

Fri, Aug 29, 9pm

The Lookout, 41 York St