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Say it loud!

Sure, I love a good rant here on the Roundup but not just my own — here's a story from the US that's so astonishing, I just have to let Elon James White have the floor:

But sadly, Elon is not the only black American with something to say this week.  A gay marriage debate in Washington, DC brought out a priest with issues:

Ugh and double ugh.  I try not to automatically loathe the Church but then I'm reminded of Father Geoff Darrow. Bad enough he was fired for opposing the ban on gay marriage in California but now the Church is using his notoriety to make money on eBay!

Meanwhile, in other dreadful people news, poor actor Terrell Carter has been outed by his ex-boyfriend:

Slimy, but why can't celebrities realize that taking personal photos of themselves is like keeping a loaded gun in the house?

But amidst all this comes a ray of light in the latest column from Dan Savage (no stranger to a good rant, he).  A self-described "28-year-old heterosexual male" wrote Dan to pledge his support for gay equality and female ejaculation, finishing up with:

"P.S. Here’s a pic. Thought it might persuade you to answer my questions. Feel free to share it with your readers."

As Dan replied, "Thanks for allowing me to share that picture of your ass with my
readers…because if any backside deserves a worldwide audience,
it’s yours."

That Washington priest can rant all he wants — but we're the ones the straight boys send photos of their bums to!