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Scalia, water cannons and the Kinsey Institute

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Anti-gay judge Antonin Scalia dies

US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, famous for his vociferous opposition to same-sex marriage, has died of natural causes at the age of 79. His death opens an opportunity for President Barack Obama to appoint a successor before he leaves office.

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Is the new Kinsey head sidelining sex?

The legendary Kinsey Institute’s new director says she wants to put sex in the social context of emotions and relationships. But is Sue Carter sidelining sex in the process? Dan Savage thinks Carter’s attitude is anti-sex, and endangers the institute’s true mission.

South Dakota passes historic anti-trans bill

South Dakota’s senate has passed a bill, the first in the United States, that would ban trans students from using the washroom of their choice at school. The bill puts the state at odds with the US federal government, which has broadly supported trans rights in schools.

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Indonesian crackdown endangers LGBT aid programs

The ongoing crackdown on LGBT rights in Indonesia, sparked by gay panic in the media, has turned on a United Nations program that would support Indonesian LGBT people. The United Nations Development Programme has pledged $8 million to the project, but Indonesian officials now say they want to ban the project as a threat to Indonesian culture.

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Peruvian LGBT protesters hit with water cannons

A “kiss-in” by LGBT people in Lima was broken up by police with water cannons, injuring at least one attendee. The event was a protest against homophobia and, ironically, violence against LGBT people.

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