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Scare tactics abound in California marriage debate

Today's stories that have queer people talking

Anti-gay marriage activists in California are crying once again that THE GAYS ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Sigh. For the last time, you losers — until they’re old enough to mix me a martini, children are of no use to me!

Facebook is venturing outside its “walled garden” with Facebook Connect, a wider Internet platform that users can opt into if they choose. The first companies chosen are CBS, Citysearch, CNET, CollegeHumor, Digg, Disney-ABC TV, Evite, Flock, Hulu, Kongregate, Loopt, Plaxo, Radar, Red Bull, Seesmic, Six Apart, Socialthing, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Uber, Vimeo and Xobni. That just sounds like a lot of weeds in the garden but it’s nice to see that Disney and Red Bull can coexist peacefully!

Hey, I’m on the road this week — biking from Toronto to Montreal on the 10th annual Friends for Life Bike Rally for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. Wish me luck or, better yet, sponsor me and help those who need it!

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