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Scarlett Bobo’s party city

Notorious Toronto drag queen debuts new video featuring Allysin Chaynes

Queens of the scene Scarlett Bobo and Allysin Chaynes rage on night after night in their debut music video.

Scarlett bobo

In drag queen Scarlett Bobo’s new music video, she and her best queen Allysin Chaynes take the term “hot mess” to dizzying heights in an effort to prove they are “Still Fucking Going.” It’s a bleary-eyed, drunken shit-show marinated in last night’s booze and bedazzled with cameos from the gay glitterati. We dredged up Ms Bobo to demand she spill the tea on her latest opus.

Xtra: Tell us a bit about the shoot. How much work does it take to have that much fun?

Scarlett Bobo: Oh, Mary! The video shoot was the best and most stressful day I’ve had . . . ever? It was a full day! It started off at 10am in full face. Allysin and I were not the happiest of queens. Then, I went back to my apartment — where it looked like Kesha threw up everywhere — and all my friends were happy, smiling and drunk. Finishing at The Beaver — where I don’t really remember filming the last few scenes because there were many shots that were had. It took a lot of work to have that much fun.

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of queens making music videos. In a post–Drag Race world, are pop singles just part of a drag queen’s job?

I don’t necessarily think it’s a must-have, but it’s definitely a bonus feature to your package. I’ve always loved music. My mom is a singer, and I always wished I could sing. Then, I started rapping and my producer Matt Silver introduced me to my newest friend: Auto-Tune!

Speaking of Ru girls, whose videos are you living for, and who needs to stop?

I am absolutely gagging for everything Adore has been doing. She’s a big inspiration to me, for sure. Alaska is serving me all of it and more. Who do I think needs to stop? Laganja. I’m good friends with a few of the Ru girls, and that one specifically does not get along with me. And the feeling is mutual!

You’re working with Allysin in this video. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

I met that hairy Mary about a year ago, and we were always fond of each other, but it wasn’t until recently that we started hanging out. And, you know, great and filthy minds do think alike. This is definitely the beginning of a fabulous friendship. My album is a bit of a solo act, but it does feature a lot of local and amazing talent. Allysin and I are already working on a possible sequel to “Still Fucking Going” and a creepy Halloween single. You’ll definitely see much more of us in the future!

Allysin’s been making waves with the upstart drag empire House of Filth. Is a new alt-drag scene sweeping Toronto?

I am so, so proud of Allysin and all the other queens in House of Filth. They’re all disgustingly talented and taking Toronto by storm.  The alt-drag scene has always been around, but now — and finally! — it’s gotten a fabulous light shone on them, and they are shining bright as ever. 

What’s the biggest difference between the old guard and the new?

There’s not too much of a difference in my eyes. Some may see these newer queens and alterna-queens as a threat, but I think it’s glorious. Drag should not be put in a box. There should be no rules, and too many queens follow a very specific line. Queens like Allysin, Igby, Nancy, Jenna and Judy bend all boundaries and are never afraid of trying something new or freaking someone out, and I think that is what’s most important. Do you, always. I started drag for me and no one else, so I’m gonna do me and have a fucking party while doing it!

And, finally: Scarlett Bobo, are you still fucking going?

Yaaaas! I am most definitely, still fucking going! Are you?!