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Scarlett Johansson, immigration and a human flag

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Scarlett Johansson backs off trans role

Actress Scarlett Johansson says she will not take the role of a transgender man in an upcoming movie after receiving backlash from the trans community against a cisgender actor playing a transgender role. [The Guardian]

Indian high court begins gay sex case hearing

Arguments have begun in a case that could re-legalize gay sex in India, and decriminalize millions of gay people. [BuzzFeed]

Seoul queer festival meets stiff opposition

Tens of thousands of LGBT people are expected to turn out for Korea’s largest queer cultural festival this weekend, but more than 200,000 have signed a petition asking the government to ban the festival. [The Korea Herald]

European anti-immigrant parties embrace gay rights

A surprising alliance is forming between anti-immigration activists and LGBT people in Europe, where activists are using gay rights to argue for the rejection of Muslims. [The Economist]

Human flag takes on World Cup

Six football fans attending the World Cup found a creative way to fly the rainbow flag in Russia — their team jerseys. [NBC]