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Scotland, stand-up comedy and gay Republicans

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Kevin Meaney dead at 60

Comedian, actor and broadway star Kevin Meaney has died of unknown causes at the age of 60. In 2008, Meaney came out as gay on a radio show, and later worked his sexuality into his comedy routines.

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Taiwan government pushes for same-sex marriage

Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party and another smaller left-leaning party have announced a new push to amend Taiwan’s civil code to allow same-sex marriage. The majority of Taiwanese people say they support equal marriage, but religious groups have been resistant.

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Scotland’s big gay turnaround

A generation ago, homosexuality in Scotland was only newly legal, and attacks against gay politicians were bitter and frequent. Today, the country has the gayest legislature in the world. The New York Times looks into Scotland’s quiet gay revolution.


Singapore tightens regulation on pro-LGBT donors

The government of Singapore has introduced new licensing rules for foreign donors who want to support events in the city’s Hong Lim Park. The rules are a jab at companies like Google that have given money to local LGBT gathering Pink Dot. Google says it will comply with the licensing procedures and continue to support Pink Dot.

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Gay Republicans won’t endorse Trump

Republican LGBT group the Log Cabin Republicans says it will not endorse Donald Trump for president. While the group says Trump’s platform is the most LGBT friendly in the party’s history, it is unconvinced he will follow through in practice.

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