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Scott Brison talks about the final few weeks

As part of my checking in with MPs about the final few weeks of the sitting, I caught up with Liberal MP Scott Brison after Question Period, on his way to a committee meeting. Brison, nursing a broken toe, was lamenting the fact that he can't do any running for the next few weeks, which is a shame with the weather being so great for it. Brison also felt it would be hard for the government to justify breaking early given the prorogation issue earlier in the year.

Q: There’s five weeks left, so I’m wondering what’s on your agenda between now and then.
A: Colombia FTA [Free-Trade Agreement]. That’s the big part of it. We hope the Colombia FTA will be granted royal ascent – that’s legislatively what’s before our committee.

Q: Any other priorities you are pushing between now and then?
A: Legislatively, we’d like to focus on some other priorities, but that’s tied up committee like crazy for the last while. Legislatively that’s what we’ve had to deal with – sorry that’s boring.

Q: On the less serious side of things, you made number two on the best-dressed list.
A: I don’t pay attention to those things.

Q: What are you going to do next year in order to make number one.
A: You know what? I don’t need to be on top.
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