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Scott Jones: How the bad in someone brings out the good in everyone

Saint Augustine once said, “Ex malo bonum."

From bad comes good.

As of today, Oct 15, 2013, Scott Jones is in a hospital bed, recovering from the wounds he sustained this weekend. 

Jones was stabbed and his throat slashed on early Saturday morning in New Glasgow. It is reported that he is paralyzed from the waist down, due to his injuries.  His neck injuries are superficial.

The story went from being local to international, especially among LGBT websites and blogs. An arrest has been made in the case, with Shane Edward Matheson facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault. You can read more about the case in Justin Ling’s story, here. 

In the meantime, friends of Jones, as well as those acquainted with his story, have already begun to let their voices be heard on a website called Support Scott Jones.

The site states that it was created as the “financial requirements of [Scott’s] rehabilitation [are] far beyond the capability of his family […].” It also notes that “a trust fund has been set up in his name to ensure all money donated goes to supporting Scott with his rehabilitation process.”

Individuals have also left heartfelt comments, anecdotes and stories on the site. Friends, long-lost connections and strangers, all of whom have been affected by Jones’s story.  

"Stay strong, buddy – the whole province and indeed the country is rooting for your speedy recovery in all respects."

"As the mom of a gay son, and knowing so many wonderful, talented and gay young people who are close to all my children, I mourn this young man’s loss of quality of life because of hatred and ignorance and fear without cause. This has to end.Scott, you are being sent love and energy and strength from thousands of people who want you to survive and find your power again. xoxoxo"

There is a strength and resilience that comes forward when people are in need. I saw it the day that it was reported that Jones was attacked. I saw sadness and hurt at the sheer brutality of the attack. People raged. But that rage soon became a wave of compassion, a need to help, and an ambition to contribute in any way possible. There were discussions about organizing events and fundraisers to help Jones in his rehabilitation, as well as his financial needs. When news reached members of Halifax Pride while they were in Montreal for InterPride’s 2013 conference, they encouraged people to sign a rainbow flag to send home to Jones’s family. It’s a small way to let those involved know that they are not forgotten, or forsaken. 

The hope and spirit sent out by the people who know Scott Jones, as well as those who wish him well, are strong and abundant.