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Sean Anthony Cole, aka Dallas, released from penitentiary

Sean Anthony Cole, aka Dallas, was released from William Head penitentiary Jun 20.

In May 2003, Cole, who has a lengthy record of drug and theft offences, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for drugging and robbing a number of gay men he picked up from the PumpJack Pub on Davie St.

Cole also did time in 2001 for drugging and robbing gay men he met at the Dufferin.

He was previously granted day parole in April 2004, but it was revoked less than a month later when he was arrested for drug trafficking.

Under the conditions of his Jun 20 release, he is initially to live in a halfway house to which he must return every night. If he behaves himself, he will be granted overnight and weekend passes. The parole board has also prohibited Cole from gambling and drug and alcohol use.

“I’m glad he’s in a halfway house at least, so he’s going to be supervised,” says Michael Marks, one of Cole’s victims.

Upon his release, Cole plans to live in Victoria. Marks also now lives in Victoria.

“I’m going to be watching. I’m going to be paying attention,” says Marks. “I’m going to do what I did in Vancouver and keep an eye out and make sure he doesn’t harm anybody else.”