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Search for the world’s hottest cover model

Priape competition pits brains against beauty

Even with a fierce six-pack and the world’s cutest bubble butt, you might not be hot enough to win Priape Wear’s second annual International Model Search.

That’s because the Montreal-based underwear and fetish wear retailer is looking for a guy with beauty and brains — and the competition is likely coming to a Canadian city near you.

“We’re looking for somebody who can represent the line in more than just a physical presence,” says Priape’s marketing coordinator Michael Ain. “We’re looking for a leader within the community, somebody who can be a role model.”

The winner’s image will be seen around the world. Mr Priape Wear will travel, build a portfolio and get loads of free clothing.

With six regional competitions across Canada, the hunt is well underway. The Montreal and Toronto events were held earlier this month, but there are still opportunities to compete from coast-to-coast (see dates below). Those brave enough to flaunt their goods can still enter online, or Ain says you can just come out and watch the competition.

“This is an event for the community,” says Ain. “It’ll be a great show, with beautiful boys.”

Six winner will be chosen from the Canadian regional contests. Five contestants have also been chosen from Australia, New Jersey, New York, Berlin and Singapore. All 11 will be flown to Montreal for a three-day grand finale in June.

“We’ll be doing question and answer periods, fashion shows, prize contests, and as well we’ll be doing a major photo shoot,” says Ain.

Question and answer periods? This sounds like America’s Most Smartest Model — a show that tests runway hotties with questions about Darfur and forces them to complete brain-teasing tasks. But Ain says the questions won’t be toughies about religion, science or politics — they’re all about putting a model on the spot to see how they react under pressure.

“This is a competition for a spokesperson, as well as a cover model,” he says. “So we’re looking for brains, beauty, talent, and a special X factor.”

Upcoming regional competitions:

  • Halifax: May 18 — Menz Bar
  • Quebec City: May 30 — Le Drague, Cabaret/Club
  • Vancouver: Jun 5 — Celebrities Nightclub
  • Calgary: Jun 6 — The Calgary Eagle

Entries are still being accepted. To apply online, go to